Brand new screenplay is created by the Jun Maeda, which to begin with created the fresh new collection

Brand new art manager try Kazuki Higashiji, and you can Kanami Sekiguchi dependent the character framework found in the fresh comic strip with the Na-Ga’s unique habits. Sound and you can songs direction are headed from the Satoki Iida.

The opening theme was ?Bravely You? by the Lia and end theme is ?Yakeochinai Tsubasa? (???????, «The new Wings that will not Getting Burned Off») from the Aoi Tada. ?Rakuen Made? (????, «So you can Heaven») by How-Low-Good morning is employed given that ending theme away from event around three and five.


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Charlotte pursue the storyline regarding four students in another reality off Hoshinoumi Academy, a college depending to guard college students which have unique show one to create during adolescence, as they seek and you may cover anybody else such as him or her while in the Japan.

These youngsters include Yu Otosaka, a child on the power to manage another person, albeit simply for 5 moments and simply whenever actually deciding on the mark, Nao Tomori, which spends the girl capacity to getting undetectable to just one individual she decides in order to persuade anyone else to learn this lady, Jojiro Takajo, towards the capacity to move extremely quickly so it is look like teleportation, and you may Yusa Nishimori that is always had by the woman dry pyrokinetic cousin, Misa, on account of the lady function since the a medium.


1 «I believe Regarding the Anybody else»
A small percentage regarding adolescents have onsets of unique efficiency. Yu Otosaka deftly uses a potential which takes more than good target’s looks for five mere seconds to reside the institution life of an award pupil, and you can gets accepted towards the a beneficial esteemed high-school. Just whenever Yu is just about to live a stable lifetime inside the senior school, a woman entitled Nao Tomori looks in advance of your.
2 «Melody out of Depression»
Yu reluctantly serves using the beginner council and runs amok to help you safer those with special efficiency. That it provides to help you light why Tomori is set in order to meet college student council responsibilities into the face out of danger – a past of a vicious destiny that awaited a capacity wielder.
3 «Love and you can Flames»
Advice regarding the a different feature wielder is located at Yu and the active college student council members. In their search of individuals having several efficiency off soul palms and pyrokinesis, Yu and you will organization results in a certain pop music idol.
4 «Time off Serious»
Every piece of information out of a capacity wielder that Kumagami relays on the beginner council at the time Yusa transmits towards the Hoshinoumi Academy facts to help you a senior high school baseball pitcher one to Tomori currently got the lady attention on. His feature was telekinesis. Up against a beneficial pitcher that makes use of his capacity to pitch what you’ll become called diabolical testicle, the brand new Hoshinoumi Academy college student council challenges him to a-game from basketball while making him stop this.
5 «The brand new Voice Your Read Some time»
With the information from Kumagami just like the a clue, new college student council members continue a beneficial stakeout in the exact middle of brand new hills where an effective wielder out-of another ability purportedly hangs aside. As they invest their go out barbecuing and you can angling, Yu results in the music from ZHIEND compliment of Tomori’s mp3 player.
6 «Happiness You probably did Maybe not Find»
The location of the new ability wielder according to Kumagami was the condo where Ayumi was currently home with a cold. Ayumi tells Yu and Tomori who came to see how she was doing about the nightmare that she had.

Tomori, thinking that the latest dream’s details are going to be a sign in the calculating away Ayumi’s ability, tells Yu to draw from items in Ayumi’s fantasy of their.

7 «The conclusion the Exodus»
Yu, crestfallen because of the fact that the guy destroyed his nothing sister Ayumi, closes themselves alone into the their domestic and you will cuts every correspondence with the surface business. Doubting perhaps the concerned pupil council members you to definitely came to consider on the him, Yu guides good dissolute life simply to pick lookin prior to your.
8 «Encounter»
Yu, beginning to deal with Ayumi’s dying, attends university the very first time in a while. Around, he finds out morale for the a school lives who may have maybe not altered from in advance of. Then, the guy looks like being required to sit-in a beneficial ZHIEND alive gig by yourself having Tomori, however, on your way home regarding college you to definitely big date, the guy shocks with the a different-searching girl holding a light cane.
nine «The country which is No further Here»
Yu turns out going to an excellent ZHIEND real time concert by yourself which have Tomori. The new gigs initiate and the listeners gets hotter, but Yu seems a mysterious perception within his heart.
10 «Plunder»
Yu’s your government Shunsuke gets the power to dive as a result of date, but has lost his plans from utilizing this element many times, in fact it is no longer able to use their energy. Very, today Yu has to take his big brother’s place and you will cut Ayumi.
eleven «Charlotte»
Kumagami and Medoki appear prior to Yu Otosaka immediately following the guy successfully rescues Ayumi. From inside the laboratory place that they make the siblings in order to, Yu finds out the explanation for the fresh new episodes away from unique performance. Kumagami following increases factual statements about an alternative element wielder and you will heads to help you» alt=»jezdeckГ© milovnГ­ky seznamka»> Hoshinoumi Academy, however,.
12 «Promise»
The new household members away from beginner council and you can Ayumi come head to Yu whom is hospitalized from their wounds. Among them try Tomori. During their conversation with Tomori, Yu can make a certatin choice.
13 «Memory ahead»
The selection that Yu renders will be to plunder the art of all the history wielder from a new function in the world. It is an option giving salvation to each element-wielder, but meanwhile, it’s a choice which makes Yu pay a massive rate reciprocally.

The brand new occurrence starts with Kumagami telling the group the spot out-of a mind-reader. They read the and acquire a girl, Iori Sekiguchi. The team agrees that it would be best for Nao and Yuu to handle this lady circumstances.