From Rome to ny to every section of Switzerland, since 2000 a-live features captivated a huge selection of readers

Contemporary a cappella was a broad phase, and a few latest groups are like a good recipe – a-pinch for this (rock), a dash of the (pop music), a bit shake of that (doo-wop), a teaspoon for this (R&B), a dollop of something spicy (jazz), mix it in the blender for a few moments, and voila – a modern a cappella cluster! Whether the taste is a little more old-fashioned, four sounds by yourself vocal older preferences, or you just like the hard-hitting, radio-ready sound of a vocal group carrying out earliest music, we’ve got the men’s room communities undertaking that work, and particularly, men’s communities undertaking that actually work better.

is an accumulation latest and former school pals who’ve formed a lifelong connection through discussing their love of musical. Through its skill from tunes college available, the group merged currently has many years of doing event such as leading opera functions, nationwide event performances, and expert choral tracking sessions. Since grauating from core Arizona University they will have all used various career pathways but nonetheless look for time to come collectively being go after musical quality and display their own desire for executing since .


a-live provides what must be done to entertain while making your occasion memorable. a-live performs anywhere whenever for everyone – On Swiss tv, at WEF in Davos, in ny Public Library, in addition Rigi in Luzern. All of our consumers span the spectrum of company and exclusive spheres.


Feature try a cooperation of performers the world over looking to provide you with the best in a cappella and jazz. Absolutely nothing says «harmony» like coming collectively across worldwide edges.

Drawing determination from the singing jazz pioneers whom preceded them, feature is actually forging an innovative new road, melding jazz, pop and contemporary a cappella into one sound.

After The Bar

The cluster consists of 9 members with extensive A Cappella enjoy. Following club prides it self on their close-knit harmonies and custom agreements. The communities matches better in a myriad of locations (with or without microphones) and carries repertoire definitely varied adequate for every celebration. Demands for specific arrangements could be designed for those people that desire an ideal song for the perfect celebration!

Alti & Bassi

The highs and lows are a male oral quintet specializes in a cappella jazz and move, created in Milan in 1994. Sing «a cappella» indicates using only their sound, no music instruments. Covers & Bottoms usually imitate some, like drums, bass, horns, guitars. As a result, initial and shocking: a variety of entertainment, music and lifestyle.

Since 1994 they’ve got performed a rigorous show task recommended by neighborhood regulators, organizations and establishments. Afternoons happened to be visitors of musical in Milan, the concert season of this Teatro Rossini in Pesaro, the assessment «Night at property Simonetta in Milan, the Salone della Musica in Turin, the Italian track event 40’s / 50’s Royal residence in Turin, Umberto Giordano Festival in Baveno (VB), the San Remo tune event Jazz in Sanremo, S. Tempia Academy Choir on Conservatory of Turin.


Audiofeels are several family, whose eight individual musical preferences unite in a single attraction the distinctive capacity of real human voice. They signify Vocal Enjoy, a mode that uses real human vocals to make tunes in a manner that transforms an a cappella overall performance into an abundant vocal band. Using only their unique singing chords to copy tool, Audiofeels in reality being tool to generate an impression of a whole band on stage. Their unique adventure started when you look at the Adam Mickiewicz University Choir in Poznan, Poland in which they met and in which after years of vocal along they s in a separate «direction».