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If you go by bus, you can reach ultodunga very easily from any corner of Kolkata. Then from Ultadanga you will have to walk towards the Railway station. You will find lots of auto rikshaws asking for BKPaul, take one and get down at BKPaul more. It will cost you Rs 7 (ie. nothing). Once at BKPaul more take a left turn into the alley that has the tram line following inside.

International Sex Guide

Almost there!, but we need another 8 minute walk to the main alley starting on the left hand side of the road. Identify the red lane by a load of dalal standing at the begining of the road.

Before the main lane there is another house of pimps on the left side of the footpath. You will see a wide variety of girls of all shapes and sizes and levels of attractiveness, standing in queue at the entrance of the house. They are also good in their behavior and very cheap. (120 Rs – 2 USD) But try to avoid selecting the pimps who are already on the road and don’t stare at the dalals. Just go inside the house acting like you know your shit, and select any pimp standing in queue quickly, don’t take too much time selecting. If you do take more time than you should, experienced pimps will smell your confusion.Remember, if any of the rendi quote you less than 120Rs – 2 USD, do not go with her as she is highly likely going to cheat you. She will not remove her clothes, nor even allow you to touch her, rather will take all you money, searching your whole body and then will remove her panty only and ask you to do the work quickly. Generally by this time your senses will go away and you won’t even get hard any more. You will get some slang thrown over you for not being hard quickly.Options Second option is the right hand house in the starting of the main lane. You will see lot of beautiful Nepali girls standing or sitting there. Head over there and take a look and ask the one you like to go with you. They are very reliable and cheap. Even if you have bag full of money they won’t beg you for more. They will just ask for their compensation 120 Rs and maybe they may request for 100 more. I used to give 200 Rs if she rendered me excellent service.Nepali girls try to provide good service so that they can get their customer’s trust and win regular business. They charge 500 R – 8.5 USD s for 1 hour and 1000 Rs – 17USD for whole night. These 2 packages allow you to hump as many times as you want or probably can.

As you go on deep inside the lane you will find more Bengali girls rather than Nepali. Some beautiful older milfs. Look at their lips and cheeks. If you find lips covered with deep red lip-color and cheeks covered with tonnes of makeup and lots of powder, you should decide that she will not allow you to do anything other than a quick fuck. not even touch her boobies… oh yes.Try to select an older MILF type that has larger boobies and very good skin complexion, then you might have a chance of a good time.Another way in is via the lane from Rabindra Sarani itself. From the Sovabazar metro station go straight towards Rabindra Sarani. On the right side of the road you will find girls standing wearing revealing dresses. If you go closer they will grab your hand and ask you to go. Go with them at your own risk. Some of them are good but most of them will take you to a room and snatch every thing you have and them will ask you to fuck them without removing the upper garments.Remember safe sex, and ALWAYS, always using a condom and protection. Don’t even think about licking out that cootie! We want you to be reading this blog for years to come